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Toronto Bachata Classes | Bachata Lessons Toronto. We offer beginner bachata classes / bachata lessons including drop in bachata classes; crash courses. If you're looking to learn to dance bachata; you've come to the right school. We are dedicated to teaching people in Toronto to dance bachata, dominican style bachata with fun bachata turn patterns.
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#1 Bachata Classes in Toronto
We've taught 1000's of people to dance Bachata and we can help you. Read our Student FAQ's to get started.
From beginners to advanced Bachata classes
Improve your skills with our Bachata instructors
Meet new people through Bachata dancing
Starts: Sunday, Dec 15th , 2013

Beginner Bachata Lessons
Saturday 2-3pm
$20 / Drop In Rate
No Partner Required
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Starts: Saturday, Not Available! , 2013

Advanced Bachata Lessons
Saturday 2-3pm
$20 / Drop In Rate
No Partner Required
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Kings of Bachata Socials
Saturday, June 22nd
Time: 7pm to 2am
Joy of Dance Centre
Learn More
Starts: Saturday, June 22nd, 2014
Wasaga Beach Salsa Party
Saturday, July 20th
Time: 12pm to 9pm
Joy of Dance Centre
Learn More
Starts: Saturday, July 20th, 2014
Toronto Bachata Congress
Aug 28th to Aug 31st Westin Harbour
Castle Hotel
Learn More
Starts: Thursday, August 29th, 2014
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Socials & Events
Kings of Bachata
"HeartBreak" Mini Congress

Over 300+ Bachata & Salsa dancers expected. Enjoy FREE workshops, live shows & performances with your admission.

Date: Saturday, June 22nd, 2013
Workshops: 7:00pm-9:00pm
Social Dancing: 9:00pm-2:00am
Venue: Joy of Dance Centre - 4th Floor
Address: 95 Danforth Avenue (Broadview Subway)
#1 Toronto's Best Bachata Dance School
Toronto Downtown - Bachata Classes. We offer Bachata lessons and dance classes for beginners to advanced. Our Bachata classes are well attended by students of all ages. Our Bachata instructors are experienced and dedicated individuals. We offer student socials at some of Toronto's most popular Bachata night clubs.  
Toronto Bachata Classes / Dance Lessons
Dance Classes Socials & Events

Beginner Bachata Classes
Your first step to becoming a Bachata dancer. Basic steps, connection, timing & turns.

Kings of Bachata "HeartBreak" Socials
Over 300+ People expected to attend our Bachata Social

Advanced Bachata Classes
Your first step to becoming a Bachata dancer. Basic steps, connection, timing & turns.

Wasaga Beach Bachata & Bachata Party
Saturday, July 26th, 2014 at Wasaga Beach, Ontario
Over 500+ People expected to attend our Bachata Beach Party

Dominican Bachata Classes
Add fancy Dominican Bachata footwork and partner connection to your Bachata dancing.

Toronto International Bachata Congress
August 28th to August 31st, Westin Harbour Castle Hotel
Join 1000's of the World's Best Bachata dancers in Toronto
Learn to Dance Bachata in 10 Weeks!

So you’re thinking about taking Bachata lessons in Toronto. The idea of Bachata dancing sounds amazing, but which Bachata school will be perfect for you? Here at Toronto Latin Dance, our belief is that anyone can Bachata dance, everyone who wants to learn should dance, and that the best dancer is the one having the most fun. We cater to dancers of all levels, literally from “never danced before” all the way through “I’m a professional dancer”.
Our studio offers many different classes during the week. Classes range for Bachata ON1 (commonly called "LA Style Bachata", "Nightclub Style Bachata"), Bachata, Dominican Bachata and more. We also offer workshops in Merengue, Cha Cha and Kizomba. We have a beautiful dance studio located in the heart of downtown Toronto. Our Bachata & bachata instructors are experienced and talented in all styles of dance. We pride ourselves in our ability to make everyone feel comfortable in our welcoming, friendly and social dancing atmosphere.


We've Taught 1000's of Students to Dance Bachata!

Professional Bachata dance lessons taught by highly qualified Bachata instructors.
Multiple class levels from beginners to advanced lessons. Easy to understand instructions that walk you through the basic steps into advanced Bachata turn patterns.
Dedicated Bachata instructors who will help you through you Bachata dancing journey.
Bachata dance socials and Bachata practices to help you improve faster.
Bachata crash courses and workshops you can find nowhere else. Learn Bachata dancing etiquette and how to ask someone to dance.

Toronto Latin Dance Bachata School is an amazing dance community, located in downtown Toronto, Ontario. Surrounded by friendly people with a true passion for Bachata dancing. Of all the Bachata schools Toronto has to offer, Toronto Latin Dance is in a class of it's own.


Bachata Lessons Toronto Bachata Classes Toronto
Toronto Downtown Bachata Schools
Bachata Dancing for All Ages & Levels

Toronto Latin Dance Bachata school is located at Bloor & Spadina in Downtown Toronto Ontario. All of Toronto's best Bachata dance clubs are located around us. We have multiple Bachata dance classes for dancers of all levels. You can start with our beginner Bachata lessons to learn the basic steps. Our intermediate to advanced Bachata lessons offer students with more experience a challenging Bachata turn pattern dance experience. Our Bachata school instructors are dedicated individuals who will help make your Bachata dancing experience an amazing one.

Your Chance to Meet New People
Learn to Dance Bachata at Your Own Pace
Classes are Fun, Relaxing and Enjoyable
Our Instructors are Friendly & Professional
We understand that you may not have any dance experience, which is why all our classes are catered to you. We will set you on the right course from the start. We love teaching people to dance Bachata, Bachata and Merengue. We love dancing, it's our life, and we want to be able to share it with everyone! We are people-friendly and enjoy meeting new people, especially when we see how much they get out of our Latin Dance Classes!
Have some questions? Our Registration Office is open 7 days/week. Call us now!
Toronto Bachata Dance Socials & Events
  Our student Bachata & bachata socials are well attended by over 300+ students from Toronto Latin Dance Schools all across Toronto. We invite some of the top Bachata dance instructors in Toronto to teach FREE workshops to our students. Our socials allow for students to practice their class steps and moves in a social setting that is friendly. Our Toronto Bachata & Bachata Practice gives students a great opportunity to meet new people from other schools as well as improve their own dancing. We offer a fun and friendly community for our students to learn.
  Meet other students at our fun and friendly dance socials
  Enjoy dancing with over 300+ people from across Toronto
  Learn from top dance instructors with FREE Workshops
  Dance in two massive rooms from Toronto's Top Latin DJs


World Class Bachata Dance Instructors

We offer world class Bachata dance instructions for all dancers. Bachata dancing is a life-long activity. We've taught 1000's of students in Toronto to dance Bachata over the last 8 years and we can help you too. We're going to walk you through all the basic Bachata steps from partner connection to Cross Body Leads and Bachata Turns. You will learn to how to add Bachata shines and fancy footwork to your dancing including body movements and sexy hips. During your Bachata dancing journey, we will teach you advanced Bachata turn patterns including multiple spins and Bachata dips. We offer workshops including ladies styling, body movements, shines and Bachata dancing etiquette.

  Toronto Bachata Dance Instructors
Dancing gives us passion for life and we get immense joy from being able to share our passion of dance with anyone who wants to learn. We love the feeling of watching our students learn and develop their own style from our Bachata Lessons. We love to make new friends through our Bachata classes and we hope you choose to be apart of our passion. Our Latin Dance Classes are easy, fun, relaxing, exciting and enjoyable to learn. We are constantly offering more Dance Classes each year including Crash Courses / Workshops and Student Performance Classes.
  We Offer Private Bachata Dance Lessons
  Group Bachata Lessons for Special Events
  Bachata Dance Entertainment for Weddings
Bachata Classes Downtown Toronto

Our Bachata dance school is located conveniently in the Toronto downtown core between Bloor & Spadina. We are steps away from the TTC Spadina Subway Station. We've got a beautiful dance studio with large windows providing natural sunlight as well as large mirror for students to see themselves.
Our Bachata group classes are 1 hour long. The first 15 minutes consists of shines and the last 45 minutes focuses on Bachata turn patterns for all levels (beginner, intermediate or advanced). The classes also teach leading/following techniques, creating a better connection with your partner, styling tips for  both men and women, Cuban motion, Bachata timing, spinning, and how to develop your own individual style on the dance floor.

Don't listen to us! Listen to our Students! Toronto Bachata Dance School
Toronto Bachata Dance Lessons
Learn to dance bachata in downtown Toronto. We offer beginner Bachata lessons and classes.
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Toronto Cha Cha Dance Classes
Toronto Bachata Dance Classes
Dance Bachata in downtown Toronto. We offer beginner to advanced Bachata dancing lessons.
Partnerwork Bachata & Bachata Classes
Merengue/Bachata Cha Cha Workshop
Bachata Styling For Men & Women
100% Bachata Turn Pattern Workshops
Toronto Bachata On2 Dance Classes
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Bachata Lessons Toronto | Bachata Classes Toronto

Welcome to the Toronto Bachata Dance School. We want you to enjoy your time in our dance classes. If you’ve come here with a question or comment, we're here to listen. If you’re looking for the answer to something, check out our Frequently Asked Questions that we are often asked. You should be able to find all the answers there (FAQs). And if you don't find what you need, feel free to contact us.

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